A family owned Pet pharmacy

PetRX provides prescription medications for your furry friends


BigCommerce to Shopify Migration

Petrx was doing very well on BigCommerce, but they decided to step it up a notch. A migration to Shopify was in order, and not a trivial one!

We have migrated tens of thousands of users, orders and all the content, set up a new Shopify store based on the Petrx recognizable brand colors, and launched the site with an email campaign to over 16000 customers.

Payment processor

To make the process a bit more challenging, Shopify payments denied our application because of their policy regarding selling prescription medications, so a new payment processor needed to be implemented. Authorize.net was up to the task.

Private app development

All prescription products must be approved by an official veterinarian office, so one of the features requested was that a form must be filled when purchasing a prescription product, and it has to be sent to the veterinarian office automatically via fax and/or email. We developed a private app which collects, generates and sends (via email/fax) an authorization form to the veterinarian office for medical approval.

Services provided:

  • Consulting
  • Shopify Store Setup
  • Custom Liquid solutions
  • Private app development
  • Support
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